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Since 1993

The Bay Shore High School Alumni Association seeks to unite BSHS alumni, and to keep them informed of community and school news. This is being accomplished through an alumni facebook page and various community association links. A strong school-alumni-community connection is healthy and the basis of a positive working relationship. Establishing a solid and extensive alumni connection is also essential for our future growth and financial support.

One of the main goals of our association is to offer alumni scholarships to graduating students and to support positive school-based activities as appropriate. As our financial foundation grows, we will take increased pleasure in helping more of our students step into their future. At present we are fortunate to offer close to $25,000.00 in scholarships annually to our graduating high school seniors.

Our interactive BSHS Alumni Association Hall of Fame Wall Display has been erected (through private donations) in our high school to highlight "successful" alumni role model inductees to our students. As we grow in strength and numbers we hope to influence countless young graduates and alumni that have moved beyond our community boundaries to "give back" to your community, to remember your educational roots, and help the next generation of graduates. A strong alumni association will help create and propagate this bond. It is important for our high school students to hear from alumni that have achieved success in their chosen vocational field. If you are a local alumni and would like to participate in a career day event, or the monthly "Breakfast of Champions," please contact us.


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